In the arms of Morpheus

‘Dreaming of Sleep’ was published in 2016 on the tenth anniversary of the Centre for Investigation and Research in Sleep, the busiest centre in Switzerland for patient consultations. Adopting a humorous approach, Raphaël Heinzer and José Haba-Rubio tackle a few myths and realities surrounding the work of the sandman.

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Using multiple senses to improve memory


The better you are at combining visual and auditory information, the better you can remember what you’ve learned. This conclusion reached by neuroscientists at UNIL demonstrates the effectiveness of teaching methods which simultaneously make use of multiple senses, like that developed by Maria Montessori. This could also improve the rehabilitation of stroke victims.

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Tomorrow, an attempt will be made to recreate human organs

Certain animals, like salamanders or the zebra fish, possess the astonishing ability to repair a severed limb or a damaged organ. Medical research is trying to reproduce these mechanisms to regenerate the human body. Explanations provided by Thierry Pedrazzini, Professor at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne.

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