Project Team



Professor Denis Renevey, Project Director

Professor Denis Renevey is professor of Medieval English Language and Literature at the English Department of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and an active member of the CEMEP, the Centre of Medieval and Post-Medieval Studies. He specialises in late medieval and devotional literature, medieval religious writings for and by women, Chaucer and his fourteenth-century contemporaries.

Dr Marleen Cré, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Marleen Cré (Curriculum Vitae) studied at the Universities of Antwerp, Leuven, Glasgow and Fribourg. Her research focuses on late medieval religious and contemplative writings in Middle English in their manuscript context, and on compilation and translation (from Latin, Dutch and French and into Middle English) as authorial activities. She has worked on the compilation in London, Westminster Cathedral Library, MS 4 (Of the Knowledge of Ourselves and of God), and on the texts anthologized in London, British Library, MS 37790 (The Amherst manuscript), and on the translation into Middle English of John Ruusbroec’s Vanden blinkenden steen and Marguerite Porète’s Mirouer des Simples Âmes.

Diana Denissen, Doctoral researcher

Diana Denissen (Curriculum Vitae) studied at the Universities of Nijmegen, York, Oxford (visiting PhD student), and Lausanne. Within the project, her PhD research focuses on the late medieval devotional compilations Pore Caitif, A Talkyng of the Love of God, and The Tretyse of Love. She combines this with her interest in medieval writing and reading communities, manuscript anthologies, female spirituality and anchoritic literature.