This tretice, by me compiled

Exactly a month ago the Devotional Compilations Conference, ‘our’ Devotional Compilations Conference, more officially entitled ‘This tretice, by me compiled’: Late Medieval Devotional Compilations in England had ended a couple of hours earlier. Delegates were making their way back home by train or by plane, some of them walking to the ruins of La Chartreuse d’Oujon in the Jura, others visiting Lausanne Cathedral or the exhibition devoted to the works of Paul Signac at the Hermitage. The academic content of the conference will be revisited in the conference volume that we will start working on once the papers for it have been submitted by the end of June. We will then see, in writing and in print, rather than listen to all the fascinating and thought-provoking research – the more usual written form of scholarship replacing (or complementing) the more transient spoken word.

Between the lines of this volume-to-be, read excited greetings upon arrival, ‘bonjours’ and ‘rebonjours’ between people who have met before and people who share the same research topics. Read lively conversations at every coffee-break, so lively that many morning croissants remain uneaten. Read metro journeys from Lausanne centre in groups (the Aulac group, the Alagare group). Read great lunches at La Banane (with its fabulous salad bar and the Festival des Pâtes) and at the Restaurant de Dorigny. Read the candle-lit concert with Le Miroir de Musique and Aline Stotzer, evoking Philippe de Vitry in word, music, and gesture (the Guidonic hand) at the Ecurie of La ferme de Dorigny. Read the conversations, drinks and nibbles at the wine reception afterwards. Read the wonderful atmosphere of the conference dinner at Lausanne’s Restaurant du Théatre (‘did I order the fish or the meat menu?’), the delicious food and the impeccable service. Read exchange of ideas, every participant’s contribution to what the conference turned out to be: an enriching scholarly meeting, a joyous celebration for our project, a very special three days.

Conference Dinner 1 Conference Dinner 2 Conference Dinner 3 Conference Dinner 4