2016 Conference

(Image from Jesus College MS 39, by kind permission of Jesus College, Oxford)

“This tretice, by me compiled”

Late Medieval Devotional Compilations in England

University of Lausanne, 31 March to 2 April 2016



Plenary speakers:

Margaret Connolly, University of St Andrews

Vincent Gillespie, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Ralph Hanna, Keble College, Oxford

Ian Johnson, University of St Andrews

Nicole R. Rice, St John’s University

Michael Sargent, City University of New York

Nicholas Watson, Harvard University

This international conference is organized by Professor Denis Renevey, Dr Marleen Cré and Ms Diana Denissen as part of the Swiss National Science Foundation project ‘Late Medieval Religiosity in England: The Evidence of Late Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century Devotional Compilations’, based at the University of Lausanne. The project focuses on devotional compilations in Middle English that invite readers to develop a personal relationship with the divine at an advanced level.

Compilation is a type of authorship that resourcefully combines authorial and readerly activities to create new and unified texts. Compilers compose a text by selecting and recontextualising extracts from existing texts. These texts are then transmitted to audiences most often in multi-text manuscripts in which the compilation finds itself in the company of other texts, mostly religious, occasionally secular.

The conference programme is now online, and registration is open.

We hope to see you in Lausanne in the spring!