(Image from Jesus College MS 39, by kind permission of Jesus College, Oxford)

Welcome to the website of the FNRS Project Late Medieval Religiosity in England: The Evidence of Late-Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century Devotional Compilations. We started the project in September /October 2013 and cordially invite you to follow the progress of the project here.

We will investigate the activity of the compiler in the following late-fourteenth and fifteenth century compilations (texts based on excerpts from other writers) :

The Chastising of God’s Children

Of Actyf Lyfe and Contemplatyf Declaration and Via ad Contemplacionem

The Holy Boke Gratia Dei

Of the Knowledge of Ourselves and of God (The Westminster Compilation)

The Pore Caitif

The Tretyse of Love

Rolle’s Oleum Effusum Compilation

A Talkyng of the Love of God

Contemplations of the Dread and Love of God (Fervor Amoris)

Disce Mori

We will trace what choices the compilers make regarding the sources they rework (additions, omissions, rewording, interweaving of selections), and what these choices tell us about compilation as a form of authorship and about the religious mentality of the period. We will analyse the different manuscripts in which the compilations survive, assessing the stability or instability of the compilations in their various manuscript contexts. One of the aims of the project is to produce a searchable online database of all the information related to the compilations, to the manuscripts in which they occur, and to the choices of the compiler.