Matt Robinson: group leader?

Matt completed his PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2008. After a few short post-docs he took up a NERC Early Career fellowship at the University of Sheffield. He then changed field to human medical genetics, moving to the University of Queensland to work with Peter Visscher, Naomi Wray and Jian Yang. In March 2017 he began a faculty position in the Department of Computational Biology at the University of Lausanne as Assistant Professor.

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Daniel Trejo Banos: postdoc?

Daniel finished his Ph.D. on Systems biology at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Guido Sanguinetti and Andrew Millar. He then joined genopole for a two year postdoc position working on the AdaLab project, which related systems biology and machine learning to automatic experimentation using robotic platforms. Now he is part of the complex trait genetics group with interest on Bayesian modeling and inference over large data sets.

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Athanasios Kousathanas: postdoc?

Thanasis did his PhD at the university of Edinburgh with Peter Keightley where he developed new methods to infer the distribution of fitness effects of new mutations. He then did postdoctoral research with Daniel Wegmann in Fribourg, Switzerland and with Lluis Quintana-Murci in Pasteur Institute in Paris, developing new methods for analysis of high-dimensional models, inferring heterozygosity from ancient genomes and inferring human demographic history. Now he develops methods that unify population and quantitative genetics to improve prediction and to infer selection on traits in human populations.

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Marion Patxot: PhD student?

Originally from Barcelona, Marion moved to Lausanne 5 years ago to study Biology and specialised in Bioinformatics during her MSc in Molecular Life Sciences at UNIL. Her research interests lie at the intersection of data analysis and applied clinical solutions. In the Complex Trait Genetics group, she focusses on disease prediction from genetic and phenotypic data with a special focus on psychiatric disorders. In her free time, she like to travel, sew her own clothes and try new foods.

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Sven Erik Ojavee: PhD student?

Sven comes from Estonia where he did his MSc in Mathematical Statistics in the University of Tartu with Krista Fischer. He has also spent a semester in Belgium studying statistics in the University of Hasselt and he has worked in biostatistics of clinical trials and real-world evidence studies. Previously Sven has been doing research on the possibilities of making predictions about human ancestry. In the Complex Trait Genetics group, he currently focuses on Bayesian time-to-event and survival analysis.

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