Keynote speakers

Ludivine Bantigny

Lecturer in contemporary history, University of Rouen (France).

Education in history and arts, University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne and Ecole normale supérieure? qualified for directing research.

Dissertation title: Le plus bel âge ? Jeunes, institutions et pouvoirs en France des années 1950 au début des années 1960, Institut d’Études politiques de Paris (2003).

Qualification for directing research: 1968, de grands soirs en petits matins, University of Evry Val-d’Essonne (2017).

Member of the editorial board:

  • Vingtième Siècle, Revue d’histoire
  • Entretemps. Revue numérique d’histoire actuelle
  • Histoire@Politique. Politique, culture et société
  • Sensibilités. Histoire, critique et sciences sociales
  • Youth and Globalization

She is notably the author of L’Oeuvre du temps. Mémoire, histoire, engagement (Editions de la Sorbonne, 2019); 1968 de grands soirs en petits matins (Seuil, 2018); La Fabuleuse histoire des journaux lycéens (Les Arènes, 2014); La France à l’heure du monde. De 1981 à nos jours (Seuil, 2013). She is co-editor with Ivan Jablonka of Jeunesse oblige. Histoire des jeunes en France XIXe-XXIe siècles (PUF, 2009).

Curriculum Vitae

Paul Christesen

Professor of Ancient Greek History, Dartmouth College (USA).

Education in history and classical studies, Dartmouth College and University of New York.

Dissertation title: Society and Economy in Archaic and Classical Greece, Columbia University (2001).

Member of the editorial board of Nikephoros (Zeitschrift für Sport und Kultur im Altertum).

He is the author of Olympic Victor Lists and Ancient Greek History (Cambridge University Press, 2007), Sport and Democracy in the Ancient and Modern Worlds (Cambridge University Press, 2012), and A New Reading of the Damonon Stele (Histos Supplement 8, 2018). He is also co-editor, with Donald Kyle, of The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Sport and Spectacle in Greek and Roman Antiquity (2013); co-editor, with Danielle Allen and Paul Millett, of How to Do Things with History (Oxford University Press, 2018). He is currently working with Paul Cartledge of Cambridge University on the Oxford History of the Archaic Greek World.

Curriculum Vitae

Harald Fischer-Tiné

Full Professor for the History of the Modern World at ETH Zurich (Switzerland).

He was Professor of History at the Jacobs University Bremen from 2006 to 2008; before that, from 2000 to 2006, he was Senior Research Assistant at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He obtained his PhD and habilitation in 2000 and 2007 respectively, from the University of Heidelberg. In 2012, he was Fellow in Residence at the Lichtenberg Kolleg of the University of Göttingen.

Research interests: Transnational and Global History, History of Knowledge, History of South Asia (18th to 20th century), History of Colonialism and Imperialism


  • Harald Fischer-Tiné, Shyamji Krishnavarma: Sanskrit, Sociology and Anti-Imperialism (London-New Delhi: Routledge India) 2014.
  • Fischer-Tiné, Harald, Pidgin-Knowledge. Wissen und Kolonialismus(Zürich-Berlin: Diaphanes) 2013.
  • Fischer-Tiné, Harald, Low and Licentious Europeans’: Race, Class and White Sub­alternity in Colonial India (New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan) 2009.
  • Fischer-Tiné, Harald, Der Gurukul Kangri oder die Erziehung der Arya Nation: Kolonialismus, Hindureform und ‘nationale Bildung’ in Britisch-Indien (1897-1922) (Würzburg: Ergon-Verlag) 2003.

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