Call for Papers

The Scientific Advisory Committee of the 17th Gatherings in Biosemiotics invites scholars to submit abstracts of presentations centering on the sign-processes in living systems, in synchrony and diachrony.

We particularly welcome research in the field of the following areas:

· Biosemiotics and linguistics
· The implications and relations of biosemiotics to philosophy and humanities
· History and epistemology of biosemiotics
· Extended synthesis
· Semiotic approaches in theoretical biology
· Ontogeny of semiotic mechanisms
· Habits, codes and mechanisms of learning
· Typology of semiosis and semiotic networks
· Modelling of semiosis
· Methodology of biosemiotic research
· Umwelt research
· Biophenomenology
· Cognitive semiotics of non-humans
· Evolution of semiosis
· Semiotic fundamentals of epigenetics and systems biology
· Semiotic thresholds
· Biosemiotics of health and disease
· Endosemiotics
· Zoosemiotics and ethology
· Experimental biosemiotics

Abstracts should be 300-600 words, in a standard word processing format (Times New Roman 12 point font, and A4 page size).

Abstracts should be submitted as single page files to the following address: and received no later than February 15, 2017. Please name the abstract file with the author’s (your) surname in capital letters, for instance SEBEOK.doc.

Notification of acceptance: March 21, 2017