About the project

If, as Slavoj Zizek puts it, “it’s easier to imagine the end of the world then the end of capitalism,” than why not think about both those issues together, and avoid unnecessary despair.

Composed of a reading group, and a graduate colloquium, this project aims to foster exchange between graduate students (MA & PhD) from the English department of the University of Lausanne, and graduate students from the English and Related literature of the University of York, the Comparative literature department of the University of Utrecht, and other Swiss universities such as those of Geneva, Fribourg, and Bern.

The reading group will take place at the University of Lausanne throughout the Spring semester 2015, and will allow students, and staff, to think about the narrative structures of the apocalyptic, and the ways in which such narratives reveal the workings of neoliberal capitalism. Issues of biopolitics, subjectivity, affect, sexuality will arise from theoretical texts written by Lauren Berlant, Jean and John Comaroff, Lee Edelman, David Harvey, Henry Lefebvre, and Jasbir Puar, while taking into account films or novels such as Children of Man, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, or Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Jazz. See The Reading Group thumbnail for more information.

The graduate colloquium will take place on the 22-23 June 2015, at the University of Lausanne, and is open to graduate students (MA & PhD) from the University of Lausanne, but also the University of Utrecht, and the University York, in the aim of fostering durable ties between these three universities, and allowing students to exchange ideas on neoliberalism and the apocalyptic. See The Graduate Colloquium thumbnail for more information.

A critical reading group and a graduate colloquium (English department at the University of Lausanne)