The conference will be held at the University of Lausanne, in the Quartier Sorge portion of the campus.

The campus can be easily reached by public transportation. The M1 metro line has three stops on campus (UNIL-Dorigny, UNIL-Mouline, and UNIL-Sorge). The closest metro stop to the conference building is UNIL-Sorge. The 31 bus also stops at this point. For more information about public transit, please consult the t-l website, available in both French and English.

All hotels should provide you with a “Lausanne Transport” card when you check it. This card lets you take all public transit in the Lausanne area (zones 11 and 12) for free and it is good for the duration of your stay at the hotel.

An interactive map of campus is available in both desktop and mobile formats. (Printable maps are also available.) Campus can be crossed on foot in approximately 15 minutes.


We are using two adjacent buildings for the conference: L’Amphipôle (in red on the map) and le Biophore (the building southeast of L’Amphipôle).


Registration and Information Point

The conference registration desk and information point will be in the lobby on the main (3rd) floor of the Amphipôle​​ building. The easiest way to get there is to go through l’Amphimax, which is the building you will see in front of you when you get off the metro. You can enter this building at the entrance marked 3a on the map above (but not on the building) and then walk through it to the Amphipôle lobby.


Conference rooms

Thursday, 4 May 2017:

Biophore – AMPHI, Amphipôle – 340.1, Amphipôle – 342

Friday, 5 May 2017 & Saturday, 6 May 2017:

Amphipôle 315, Amphipôle 340, Amphipôle 340.1, Amphipôle 342