Café scientifique

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What is it?

The Café Scientifique is a place where for just the cost of a coffee or a glass of wine everybody can discover and debate a scientific topic. This happens outside of the classical academic frame. It’s not a class nor a conference, more an occasion to discuss in a relaxed atmosphere with researchers eager to share their work with the broad public. The Café Scientifique is not a showcase for science, but more a place where you can talk and compare different points of view. Everybody can participate and no particular scientific knowledge is required!

Language is French, unless specified otherwise.

The Café Scientifique usually takes place on every first Tuesday of the month (exceptionally the second Tuesday of January — Happy New Year!), from 7pm at the Sidewalk Café Vinyl (Place du Tunnel 9, Lausanne). Check out the program below! After a 30-minute introduction and presentation by the researcher, we will have another 30 minutes (or more!) for questions and discussion.

Program 2019-2020

Date Topic Speaker
08.10.2019 Climate change: current knowledge and impacts on the Alps Martin Beniston
05.11.2019 Mycosis, what about it? Alix Coste
03.12.2019 Activity of the brain when asleep Laura Fernandez
(in English)
Origins of antibiotic resistance Jan-Willem Veening
Sculpting molecules that change our lives  Bruno Correia
04.02.2020 Evolution of social behaviour: from ants to humans Michel Chapuisat
04.03.2020 The grounds, their age and their fertility in temperate and tropical climates Stéphanie Grand
07.04.2020 Quantum computers: Construction and operation Edoardo Charbon
05.05.2020 Rocks and non-live nature under protection, plants stranded on summits: mountain in the Anthropocene era Christophe Randin
Emmanuel Reynard
02.06.2020 Cooking, toxic plants and medical-forensic toxicology Christian Giroud


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