The sessions were named in honor of the boats which are operated by the CGN on the Leman Lake.

Wed 6th
17:15Welcome drink
Thu 7th
09:15Welcome by Aki Kawasaki, Corinne Kostic and Sylvain Crippa
The “Helvétie” session moderated by Beatrix Feigl and Randy Kardon
09:30Krunoslav Stingl: Pupillographic campimetry. An objective method to measure the visual field.
10:00Marnix Naber: Visual field defects detected with pupil frequency tagging in hemianopia.
The “Montreux” session moderated by Sam Berman and Stuart Steinhauer
11:00Carina Kelbsch: Objective measurement of retinal function by pupillary responses to corneal electrostimulation and simultaneous brain activity.
11:30Archana Jalligampala: Selective activation of retinal neurons in response to electrical stimulation.
11:40Tobias Peters: Central insulin sensitivity and the activity of the autonomous nerve system.
The “Rhône” session moderated by Takehito Bando and John Barbur
14:00Judy Chen: A new approach to assessing age-related changes in ipRGCs-mediated PLR.
14:30Noémie Kircher: Immature retina, immature pupil light response?
14:40Beatrix Feigl: Melanopsin function in age-related macular degeneration.
The “Italie session moderated by Aki Kawasaki and Barbara Wilhelm
15:40Randy Kardon: What is a positive Apraclonidine test in Horner syndrome?
16:10Stuart Steinhauer: Reduction in pupillary oscillations indicate impairment of central parasympathetic function in schizophrenia and depression
Fri 8th
The “La Suisse” session moderated by Mirjam Münch and Sebastiaan Mathôt
09:00Andrew Zele: Isolating melanopsin vision: desensitising penumbral cones with temporal white noise
09:30Paul Gamlin: Immunotoxin-induced ablation of ipRGCs
Lowenfeld lecture
10:30Sei-Ichi Tsujimura: Melanopsin cells and human visual performance.
12:45Chillon Castle Excursion
Sat 9th
The “Simplon” session moderated by Corinne Kostic and Andrew Zele
09:00Paul Richter: In search for functional progression markers in early onset RP caused by CRB1 mutation.
09:30Barbara Wilhelm: Chromatic pupillography after subretinal injection of rAAV.hCNGA3 in patients with achromatopsia.
10:00Corinne Kostic: Modification of the PLR to selective wavelength stimulation with progression of retinal degeneration in the Rho-/- mouse model.
The “Savoie” session moderated by Paul Gamlin and Claude Gronfier
11:00Alexander Hartmann: Quantitative pupillometry as an addition tool to clinically assess patients with elevated ICP.
11:30Sebastiaan Mathôt: What’s good about small and large pupils?
12:00John Barbur: Pupil responses under conditions of discomfort glare – melanopsin signals or scattered light?
12:30Minoru Nakayama: Chronological analysis of pupil change and eye movement responses during the viewing of emotion evoking images.
The “Vevey” session moderated by Sei-Ichi Tsujimura and Aki Kawasaki
14:00Mirjam Münch: Impact of daylight deprivation on the post-illumination pupil response during the Antarctic winter.
14:30Sami Ouanes: Melanopsin ganglion cell function as a potential biomarker of Alzheimer's disease? A pilot study.
14:35Minoru Nakayama: Extracting features of PLR to detect Alzheimer's disease and aging using chromatic stimuli.
14:45Sam Berman: A practical metric for melanopic photometry.
Mini-symposium moderated by Torsten Strasser and Helmut Wilhelm
15:45Pupillography: Is more standardisation necessary?